Product Application
The use of ultraviolet flashlights is very extensive, such as daily testing of pet urine and stains, discovering scorpions or other insects, identifying the authenticity of currency documents, checking the hygiene of hotel rooms, detecting cracks in ceramic antique utensils, detecting liquid leaks in cars, and using lights for criminal investigation. Purple flashlights even have special uses, such as discovering various self fluorescent minerals, and can also help us perform various tests by stimulating materials that can present fluorescence or other visible light. Adding fluorescent dyes to the equipment and then using ultraviolet flashlights to illuminate can detect leaks that are difficult to detect with the naked eye.
Pure 365nm UV flashlight, widely used in various fields such as collection, identification, inspection, fluorescent agent detection, etc
UV Flashlight Series
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Widely used in various fields such as outdoor mobile lighting and daily emergency lighting
Outdoor Lighting
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